Donnington HallDonnington Hall, Barretts Road, Dunton Green





Hall Hire:  A minimum hire of two hours applies for either Main Hall, Committee Rooms or Sole Use.


Hall Fee:  This must be paid to the Lettings Secretary no later than fourteen days prior to the Date of Hire.


Holding Deposit:  This must be delivered to the Lettings Secretary, together with the completed Agreement of Advance Booking form, within seven days of the date signed by the Lettings Secretary.   The Holding Deposit is refundable provided the Terms and Conditions of hire have been complied with.


Regular Hirers:  Hall Fees are invoiced about the 15th of each month for the current month's bookings and a Holding Deposit is not required.   Payment and a completed Agreement of Advance Booking form must be delivered to the Lettings Secretary by the 28th of the month.  


Payment:  Payment may be made by BACS.  Sort Code: 404032   Account No.: 71545558.  The invoice or a copy of it should be accompanied by a copy of the bank print out confirming date and amount paid and sent to the Lettings Secretary.   All cheques to be made payable to "DONNINGTON HALL" and sent with the invoice or a copy of it to the Lettings Secretary.


Noise:  Music must cease at 11.00 pm and the Hall cleared by 11.45 pm.   Music and noise must be kept at a level appropriate with the time of day so as to not disturb local residents.   The Hirer shall be held responsible for maintaining order.   No intoxicating liquors for sale for cash or by ticket.   No discos, teenage, 20th or 21st birthday parties are permitted neither are open dances/parties.


Parking:  All cars to be parked at the rear of the Hall, not in Barretts Road as this is a private road.   Collection and delivery of guests should be made in the car park.   It is permitted to park in the left hand side of the Social Club's car park.


Damages:  Damages or breakages will be charged to the Hirer.   No items are to be fixed to walls, doors, hatchway or floor by any method (e.g. drawing pins, nails, staples, tape, Velcro, Blutack).   Tables and chairs etc must not be dragged across the floor.   No footballs, cricket balls, handballs, korfballs, tennis balls, etc. may be used in the Hall.


Clearing up:  All rubbish must be cleared and taken away and the Hall left clean and tidy.   Plastic chairs must be returned to the stage, stacked no more than 10 high, and not obstructing the sliding doors.   The steps must be returned to the floor in front of the stage and curtains drawn back.   The mat must be put back in front of the north facing double doors.   All doors and windows must be locked and lights switched off.   Thermostat must be left set to 15ºC.   Only Hirers of the Main Hall are allowed up to 30 minutes free of charge both before and after their booked times to set up and clear the Hall.


Piano:  The piano is not to be moved from the stage without prior permission.


Right to Cancel:  The Donnington Hall Management Committee reserve the right to cancel any booking where special circumstances arise.




Should the Hall insurance be rendered null and void through unauthorised access being gained by windows being left open or the Hall left unsecured, the Trustees will seek compensation from the Hirer for any subsequent damage or loss.




Hirers are advised that the boiler is set to come on between 7.30 am and 3.30 pm and from 6 pm to 10.30 pm.




Wide brooms, a mop and bucket, a vacuum cleaner and extension cable, a trolley for moving chairs etc, are provided for Hirers' use and kept in the General Store.   A dustpan and brush are provided and stored under the sink in the kitchen.   All spillages must be mopped immediately.   Spillages on the main Hall floor must be cleaned using a small amount of warm water only.   Washing up liquid, proprietary floor cleaners, bleach, detergents, etc. must not be used as these will damage the floor surface.   (A cleaning fluid designed especially for the floor's sports finish is applied on a regular basis).


Revised 17th August 2018